Project Laura

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A Member Experience System. Re-imagine what club & member management software looks like.

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The roster is the core listing interface of Project Laura.  Here anyone can search the roster for other profiles.

Viewing the Roster

The roster is different depending on the type of profile you have.  If your profile is a member or a member subtype, you will only be able to search the roster, and view limited details of other member profile types.

Staff profile types can view, search and filter all types of profiles, as well as Applicants.

The Applicant view is unique to staff viewing the Applicant Roster, which permits extra abilities to accept, update, and approve applicant profiles.

Searching & Filtering the Roster

From the Navigation Bar, the contextual search will show “Search Roster”. From here you can enter almost anything regarding a profile’s name or contact information.  The search is adaptive, meaning that if you misspell someone’s name, you’re likely to still get the result you want. If you transpose your profile numbers you will likely still find the profile you’re looking for.  

Below the navigation bar is a series of filters.  If you’re looking for profiles with birthdates in a certain range, a particular type of profile, a particular class of membership or interest, or any combination of the above, you can filter the roster based on those fields.

Lastly, you can also order the results you receive based on alphabetical order, their profile number, when the profile was created, or most recently updated profiles.