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How do I Create a Profile?

Profiles can be created two different ways; through the create profile button at the top of the Navigation Bar, or via the nomination form.

Creating a Profile from the Navigation Bar

On the top of your window is the navigation bar, on the right of the bar is a button labeled ‘Create Profile’.  Click or Tap on this button and window will appear. In this window enter the first, middle, and last names of the profile you want to create, as well as the email and phone number.  Select the type of profile you want to create. Click or tap on the save button to create the profile.

You will then be asked if you want to visit the new profile or go back to create another.

Note: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Profile Type, are required in order to create a profile.

Creating a Profile from the Nomination Form

If someone is applying for membership, they can create their profile and fill in their nomination form online.


Here a prospective member will fill in the required and supplementary information about themselves into the form.  When complete and the prospective clicks save & submit, their profile will be created as a “Guest : Prospective Member”.  If they input spousal information into the form, a profile will also be created for their spouse.