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Nomination Form

The nomination system in Project Laura has two nomination forms.  One is public facing and the other is accessible from inside a Member Applicant profile.


To start an application for a profile that already exists (only for guest profiles), go to that profile, and then on the Account Card for that profile, click or tap on Nominate for Membership.  

When nominated the profile type changes to a Member Applicant.  At this point you can click or tap on Create Application, and then edit the form on the right side of the profile page.

The nomination flow in Project Laura is broken down into four broad steps, each with its own requirements.  

  • 1st is the Nomination form, with all the applicant’s details.  Within than you also have separate steps for referrals, deposit information, and a summary of the completion of those steps.
  • 2nd is the Committee and Board approvals, here the membership team can update the record of the application to include any notes.
  • 3rd is posting, where nominees are posted publicly to the membership for 21 days.
  • 4th is the final approval.

When fully complete, pressing the green approve for membership button will transfer the profile to a Member Full profile type, and the membership application process will be complete.

View My Statement

One of the filters for the transactions page is the ‘View Statement’ filter.  This filter’s the list of transactions for your profile down to the previous month’s transactions.  From here you can print this page as your statement, or select transactions that you’d like to pay immediately, versus transactions you like to pay via your automatic billing.

Create Transactions

From the Transactions page, tap or click on the add transaction button.  Search for a profile and select it from the list, then select the correct date (or leave the current one if appropriate) and the location of the transaction.

Now you can add the items to your transaction.  Input the quantity of the item, select the item group from the list, and enter a description and price. You can add more line items to the transaction by clicking or tapping on ‘Add Another Item’ and you can remove items by tapping the delete button on the right hand side of the item you want to delete.

Lastly you can add a note to the transaction at the end.  Notes on transactions are visible to anyone who can see the transaction.  So if you (a member profile) have the transaction associated to your profile, that means that staff profiles can see the transaction, but other member profiles cannot.

Viewing & Searching Transactions

Transactions are charges against the profile’s account.  From the menu drawer on the left of the window, tapping or clicking on ‘Transactions’ will bring you to a list of all of the transactions in the system.

From here you can filter the transactions by location, payment status, and date range.  Further to that you can also search for a particular profile, a particular amount, or any other details particular to a profile.

Filter transactions small.gif

To see the particular details of a transaction tap or click on the ‘View Details’ button on the right hand side of the list.  This will open a new tab showing just that transaction and it’s line items, taxes, and how it was paid.

transaction small.gif


From the Menu Drawer is the Events page.  From here upcoming events are listed for member profiles to see and for staff profiles to be able to see and update.  When published, events are viewable by the public, so they can be shared through social channels or through other means.

Creating & Publishing Events

From the Events page, tap or click on ‘Add Event’.   From modal window that appears, you can tap or click on the plus sign under image to upload an image (max: 2mb).  Then enter the event name, and select the date and time from the date picker.

At the bottom of the window you can enter the description of the event in the editor.  This editor supports Markdown for rich text editing, allowing you to make all kinds of emphasis in your descriptions.  From here, you can also show images hosted elsewhere, as well as include hyperlinks and other HTML.

If you want to learn about Markdown, take a short tutorial from GitHub here.

Once you tap or click the create button, your event will be saved as a Draft state, indicated by the draft icon on the listing.  Draft Events are not visible to member profiles nor are they viewable by the public.

Once you’re ready, open up your event details by tapping or clicking on the ‘View Details’ link for your draft event.  When you’re ready tap or click on publish to make the event live.

Editing, Duplicating & Deactivating Events

Event details change, so when that happens you can edit your event details by tapping or clicking on the ‘View Details’ for your event.  Tap or click on ‘Edit’ and make your changes. When you’ve made all the changes you need, tap or click on update, and your event will be updated with your new information.

If you need to take an event down, tap or click on the ‘Deactivate’ button and your event will return to a Draft state.  This will make it so that the event can no longer be seen by the public or non-staff profiles.

Decided that you want to do the same event again on a different date?  Tap or click on the ‘Duplicate’ link on the Event’s page to make a copy of the event.  Then edit and publish the event like normal.

Viewing Applicants

The Applicants view is a special view of the Roster.  It’s been pre-filtered to show only Member Applicant Profiles.  The Applicants view gives you a few special abilities when it comes to processing applicants.

Batch Processing

On the left hand side of the window you have a check box for every applicant profile.  Check off as many profiles you like, and then from the pop up bar in the middle you can select to affect their nomination status.

Status & Progress

In the middle of each profile in the Applicants view, you have the status and nomination progress of each profile.  As a profile checks off steps in their nomination, you can see the nomination progress by the number of green boxes in the profiles progress view.  The status of the application shows at which point in the process they are, and it can be changed by clicking or tapping on the status arrow.



The roster is the core listing interface of Project Laura.  Here anyone can search the roster for other profiles.

Viewing the Roster

The roster is different depending on the type of profile you have.  If your profile is a member or a member subtype, you will only be able to search the roster, and view limited details of other member profile types.

Staff profile types can view, search and filter all types of profiles, as well as Applicants.

The Applicant view is unique to staff viewing the Applicant Roster, which permits extra abilities to accept, update, and approve applicant profiles.

Searching & Filtering the Roster

From the Navigation Bar, the contextual search will show “Search Roster”. From here you can enter almost anything regarding a profile’s name or contact information.  The search is adaptive, meaning that if you misspell someone’s name, you’re likely to still get the result you want. If you transpose your profile numbers you will likely still find the profile you’re looking for.  

Below the navigation bar is a series of filters.  If you’re looking for profiles with birthdates in a certain range, a particular type of profile, a particular class of membership or interest, or any combination of the above, you can filter the roster based on those fields.

Lastly, you can also order the results you receive based on alphabetical order, their profile number, when the profile was created, or most recently updated profiles.

Navigation Bar

At the top of your window is the Navigation Bar.  This bar will go with you where-ever you go in Project Laura.


On the left hand side you have the menu button that will bring out the Menu Drawer. Next to that is the Club’s Logo which takes you back to the Roster.  

The search bar is the next leftmost item.  Search is contextual based on what interface you’re looking at.  If you’re looking at the roster, it will search the roster, if you’re looking at transactions, it will search transactions.

On the right hand side you have buttons for creating a note, creating a profile, and a button with your profile name and photo.  Clicking or tapping on your name or photo will bring up shortcuts to your profile, your settings or to logout.


How do I Create a Profile?

Profiles can be created two different ways; through the create profile button at the top of the Navigation Bar, or via the nomination form.

Creating a Profile from the Navigation Bar

On the top of your window is the navigation bar, on the right of the bar is a button labeled ‘Create Profile’.  Click or Tap on this button and window will appear. In this window enter the first, middle, and last names of the profile you want to create, as well as the email and phone number.  Select the type of profile you want to create. Click or tap on the save button to create the profile.

You will then be asked if you want to visit the new profile or go back to create another.

Note: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Profile Type, are required in order to create a profile.

Creating a Profile from the Nomination Form

If someone is applying for membership, they can create their profile and fill in their nomination form online.


Here a prospective member will fill in the required and supplementary information about themselves into the form.  When complete and the prospective clicks save & submit, their profile will be created as a “Guest : Prospective Member”.  If they input spousal information into the form, a profile will also be created for their spouse.