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A Member Experience System. Re-imagine what club & member management software looks like.

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From the Menu Drawer is the Events page.  From here upcoming events are listed for member profiles to see and for staff profiles to be able to see and update.  When published, events are viewable by the public, so they can be shared through social channels or through other means.

Creating & Publishing Events

From the Events page, tap or click on ‘Add Event’.   From modal window that appears, you can tap or click on the plus sign under image to upload an image (max: 2mb).  Then enter the event name, and select the date and time from the date picker.

At the bottom of the window you can enter the description of the event in the editor.  This editor supports Markdown for rich text editing, allowing you to make all kinds of emphasis in your descriptions.  From here, you can also show images hosted elsewhere, as well as include hyperlinks and other HTML.

If you want to learn about Markdown, take a short tutorial from GitHub here.

Once you tap or click the create button, your event will be saved as a Draft state, indicated by the draft icon on the listing.  Draft Events are not visible to member profiles nor are they viewable by the public.

Once you’re ready, open up your event details by tapping or clicking on the ‘View Details’ link for your draft event.  When you’re ready tap or click on publish to make the event live.

Editing, Duplicating & Deactivating Events

Event details change, so when that happens you can edit your event details by tapping or clicking on the ‘View Details’ for your event.  Tap or click on ‘Edit’ and make your changes. When you’ve made all the changes you need, tap or click on update, and your event will be updated with your new information.

If you need to take an event down, tap or click on the ‘Deactivate’ button and your event will return to a Draft state.  This will make it so that the event can no longer be seen by the public or non-staff profiles.

Decided that you want to do the same event again on a different date?  Tap or click on the ‘Duplicate’ link on the Event’s page to make a copy of the event.  Then edit and publish the event like normal.