Project Laura

Coming Soon

A Member Experience System. Re-imagine what club & member management software looks like.


A lot of people ask, why "Project Laura?"

When we started this project back in 2016, there was this looming ambiguity about how to convey the purpose of the software.  Understanding its purpose was, in essence, going to be about understanding the personality of the project.

Enter Laura, the woman whose intuitive, knowledgeable, and vibrant nature inspired the core values of this project.  It is Laura who we have always gone to when we don't have the answer, when we've forgotten that anniversary date, when we're doing that complicated seating plan, or when we just don't remember who that person is.

It's this mindset, knowing your members - their likes and dislikes - that lets us take the opportunity to surprise and delight with the delicate grace and humility of a woman that changed how we understand our club, and how to make a greater impact on those who walk through its doors.

That is why we call it Project Laura.