Project Laura

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A Member Experience System. Re-imagine what club & member management software looks like.


What could laura do better?

Always striving to make every experience better, so what could Laura do to make your experience better?

Member Management Roster

Keep Track of Your Members

Find every profile, know who is who, what birthdays are this month, when their anniversary is.

Use the Roster in Project Laura to record members, reciprocal members, guests, and staff so you have a complete picture of your entire membership.

Member Preference System

Member Preferences

Make sure you know who has that nut allergy, who likes their coffee hot, and when not to talk about politics.


Promote Events

Get the word out about that tasting next week, book club's new book or the last few tickets to that concert.

Events can be created, shared to a calendar via RSS, and put right on member dashboard so that they never miss an event.


Let the Applications Roll In

Track potential members, applicants and their progress throughout your nomination process.

Prospective members can apply online through a public application form, and you can approve, validate, circulate and confirm nominees all without having to copy, print, and re-copy anything. Membership number included.


See where members are spending

See what your members are buying, where and when, whenever you want however you want.

Laura's real time interface can show you transactions as they're entered by your team, and as they come in from 3rd party tools.


Keep your Point-of-Sale Integration

Connect your favourite POS to Laura to send transactions directly from your POS to your member profiles so members can see their transactions in real time.

Report on what matters

Balance everything. Track down transactions in the accounting package that you want to use, that one that lets you keep tabs on exactly what is going where.


Give members payment flexibility

Collect dues, send statements, update card details. Automate billing, make it seamless and painless.

Allow members to process payments online with debit or credit card options.

Coming Soon: Email Marketing

Get the word out, message your members, segment your membership and keep them informed.


Coming soon: Reservations

Allow members to book attendance for themselves to events, restaurants, and other facilitiies within your space.


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